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Hot Stones Massage - Huru with Hot Stones

Like a warm hug from the inside, our Hot Stone Massage will leave you feeling like you have melted on to the massage table in pure bliss! 

Our oceanic beach stones connect you with the elements of the earth and ocean to ground you through this treatment.


Once warmed the stones are strategically placed beneath and on the body while your practitioner uses a combination of nourishing oils stones and their hands to help tension and fatigue fade away. You will float off the massage table feeling calm, lighter and refreshed.  


  • Heat releases muscle tension easily

  • Heat allows easier absorption of oils into the skin

  • Increases stimulation of blood and lymphatic systems

  • Encourages removal of toxins

  • Essential oils chosen can help specific needs of clients

Treatment Time

90 minutes



Taupo Spa Treatment Hot Stone Massage_ed
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