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Our Massage Therapists

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Paulette Donaldson

As a long-term Taupo resident and the owner of the Massage Clinic I have practiced Massage for many years in Taupo.


I have seen the benefits of massage and have trained in some specialised massage techniques such as Bowen and Reiki.  


I am a keen supporter of the events held in Taupo and have massaged many Ironman and Cycle Challenge participants over the years. I am always willing to talk to people about the potential that bodywork has to improve people’s quality of life.

Sharon Watkins

I have been massaging for the passed 16 years in Taupo. I am a mum of 4 and have lived in Taupo for 20 years. I started with a science degree and then traveled overseas and did a variety of jobs before re-training in massage techniques. 


I thoroughly enjoy helping people through a variety of modalities including relaxation, deep tissue massage, bowen therapy,  facials and dry needling.  I am thrilled to be back at the Massage Clinic and aim to provide the best possible care and treatments for clients of the clinic. 

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Belinda Moeller

I have always been of service obtaining a Bachelor of Nursing straight out of secondary school working in Orthopaedics then District Nursing in the U.K.


During my O.E I began working on my own spiritual development. I have received 1st Degree Reiki and have recently qualified with a Diploma in Massage.


I have always believed natural health is the first port of call in my life and it keeps opening me up with joy, calm and healing. 

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Leith Waite

My motto is touch the body, heal the mind, calm the spirit.

In my treatments the aim is to relax the body and de-excite the mind. I specialise in relaxation massage, Reiki and beauty spa treatments including Fassage.


Leith gained her Diploma in Beauty Therapy, Electrolysis and Massage in 2000 at the Joyce Block Institute in Auckland. In 2001 she received her first Degree in Reiki.

Michelle Oxley

Looking after my own family & friends mental health is why I chose the path of massage as well as its benefits to heal and repair. Health and well-being is very important, especially in times of uncertainty and general day to day life.

In my treatments my aim is to relax the body as well as the mind to help rejuvenate and replenish the bodies natural healing properties.

Michelle gained her level 4 certificate in Relaxation Massage through the NZ College of Massage in 2014 and is currently studying further.