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Scrub and Massage Spa Treatment

Awaken your senses with a full body scrub and massage experience to invigorate and renew you.


The exfoliation will simultaneously remove surface impurities and increase the lymphatic drainage system. Your skin will be left feeling nurtured with a customised sixty-minute massage and nourished with the macadamia nut oil which will help to hydrate and regenerate skin cells.


These precious ninety-minutes will be a gentle reminder that self-care really is an amazing thing.  


  • Stimulates lymphatic circulation.

  • Removes surface dead skin cells.

  • Allows the body to absorb and get more out of the oils you use.

  • Promotes removal of toxins.

  • Skin left feeling very soft and hydrated.

Treatment Time

90 minutes



Taupo Spa Treatment Body Scrub and massage.jpg
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